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Responsible for the content:

Michael Wolff
Resident in Germany

This site has no commercial ambitions. Nothing is for sale and not advertised.

This site is an offshoot of the German Blog »« (English: People Planet). The main reason for »Gorgeous Pictures« is the outsourcing of images of Menschenplanet, I inserted there only for optical alternation. On »Menschenplanet« I publish texts that deal with our world, of humanity, with our behavior as individuals and as communities.

All images and text were created by myself.

There are no relationships between the text and the pictures. Both are mutually developed completely independently. On human planet the images act as optical loosening and on Gorgeous Pictures as textual expansion, so that the images on the Internet are more visible.

The images are freely distributable and may still be used without further ado.

Have much fun to looking my pictures.